Arizona medical marijuana laws stricter than expected

After I posted a post a couple of weeks ago on Arizona passing its medical marijuana laws and becoming the fifteenth state in the Nation to do so, High Times Magazine and NORML announced that the laws are going to be the strictest ever.

According to the Director of Arizona Department of Health Services, that only 20,000 Arizona citizens will qualify as medical marijuana patients compared to the estimated 100,000 citizens that were going to be able to have access to medical marijuana.  Under these new rules Arizona’s medical marijuana law is the strictest in the nation.

Earlier this year as well New Jersey finally, after a year, brought its medical marijuana plan into action and will allow medical marijuana patients to gain access to cannabis by the beginning of summer 2011. They were thought to have the strictest rules, laws, and regulations against marijuana but now it seems Arizona has taken over that plateau.

Arizona State Health Services Director said early Friday that, “We figured hey, if we put some true checks and balances in this system, we can actually make this a medical marijuana program and not a recreational marijuana program … For that guy in his 30s without any qualifying medical condition who is going to expect to be able to walk into a physician and get a quick recommendation by saying his shoulder’s been sore – those are people that we expect to have a bigger challenge in actually getting a qualified patient card.”

It seems Arizona Director of Health thinks it’s becoming to easy for patients to gain access to a marijuana card.  So the new laws are really enforcing how a patient can have medical marijuana.

It really is that easy to get a medical card for marijuana by complaining about back pain, eye problems, and other simple aches, especially out West in California.  From my research it seems some people are getting marijuana cards to get medical marijuana, which is usually more potent than street marijuana, to sell and distribute.

This problem is what Arizona is trying to control it looks like by, making it a medical program, instead of a “recreational program,” like the Arizona Director of Health Services mentioned earlier today.

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