President of NORML at CCSU and his views on the future of marijuana

Last week when I went to the screening of ‘Super High Me’ which was an event NORML held here at CCSU, I caught up with the new NORML President, Larry Vitko.

With Prop19 failing in November to legalize marijuana on a state level Larry showed some enthusiasm into the future of this bill.  But also thought it could still use some more  support.

“I believe with the failure of prop 19 it showed that there is still tremendous support out there for full legalization. With that Californians and americans as a whole need to be properly convinced that legalization is the next step for marijuana. Primarily the campaign for prop 19 relied more or less on just the economic side of the discussion. Just that alone can’t motivate the base since only 55% of our generation came out to vote on it,” Vitko said.

He makes sense where there is more support needed from voters of our generation.  If only 55% showed up to vote in California, it seems that if the other 45% came to vote we could have different or closer situation in the voting.  Our generation really needs to help step up and voice their opinions because this is for our future and the future of America.

Also, how the primary discussion of legalizing it through mainly economic issues won’t help win voters.  Like Vitko said, “just that alone can’t motivate,” and the National NORML and other politicians during voting for this need to elaborate the other positives of legalizing marijuana.

“We need to promote all the pro’s of marijuana; hit the public with an onslaught of information supporting it that directly counters what the government and anti pot supporters use as their main arguments for keeping it criminalized,” he added.

Vitko also said, “I believe they will again attempt to legalize it in cali and should pass since it did come very close this election. Also our generation comes out in force for a presidential election rather the midterms. If the promarijuana groups keep on pushing the topic til election day I find it hard pressed to see it fail.”

In 2012 is when prop19 is back up on the ballot to see if California will be ready to legalize marijuana.  Also, with the Presidential election coming up in 2012 as well maybe it will bring out more young voters and push them to vote for prop19 as well, like Vitko said.

I agree with what Larry had to say and how he sees it being hard press to see it fail in 2012.  Once people become more aware of this topic and situation and learn more about it I think they will realize the benefits from this out weigh the negatives.

He also believes that Connecticut will decriminalize in 2011.  I wasn’t able to talk to him about this yet but hopefully fingers crossed for decriminalization in CT.  We need it!  No more non violent marijuana users going to jail and taking up space for actual violent people!

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