New Jersey finally allows medical marijuana after a year

New Jersey became the fourteenth state to allow medical marijuana in 2009, but after a year with officials arguing over the details, New Jersey will finally allow patients to get medical cannabis.

Note that not one single patients has not benefited once from the medical marijuana law that was passed last year.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, announced last week that New Jersey will move forward with the program and allow six “alternative treatment centers.”  These centers will grow and sell cannabis to qualified patients.

Gov. Christie reportedly only wanted four to act as dispensaries and two as places to grow marijuana.  Also as apart of the New Jersey agreement that, satellite locations and home delivery of cannabis will not be allowed.

This law in Jersey is very strict and restrictive.  Only patients of serious health conditions qualify as patients.  Also patients are limited to two ounces of cannabis every 30 days.

According to the New Jersey state government it will open dispensaries in the summer of 2011 and should be fully functional within the next six months.

Another step in moving forward for marijuana’s future.

This article shows more on the strict rules in New Jersey:  Rules on Jersey medical cannabis

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