NORML at CCSU has it’s first event late in the semester

Tonight the NORML chapter at CCSU held its first actual event of the semester.  Once again like the meeting I went to earlier this year there was barely anyone there.

The event was hosted by the treasurer of NORML at CCSU, Rebecca Flugrad and President Larry Vitko.  I asked Rebecca if this was their first event of the semester and she said, “This is our first actual event of the semester but next semester we will have more because of 4/20.”  In October they were supposed to have a Hookah night out in the student circle here at central but Rebecca added, “There are no hookahs allowed on campus anymore so we couldn’t have that event.”

The no more hookahs allowed was a surprise to me because every now and then, outside my dorm, I still see people using hookahs.  Rebecca said she thinks it’s because of people using it for the wrong reasons or because it can be “paraphernalia.”

I’m going to go talk to Chris Dukes,who is the Director of Student conduct here at CCSU, about the hookah situation and his views on NORML and what the movement is like on campus from what he has seen.

Anyways, the event was the showing of the movie, “Super High Me,” where comedian Doug Benson does a spoof of original movie “Super Size me.”  Super High me is about Benson not smoking for thirty straight days and then smoking for thirty days straight and recording the data of his life during both months.  He goes through tests like taking the SAT’s, taking a fitness and mental test, a psychic test, and shows how his daily life and comedic job are during these periods.

NORML event, showing the movie 'Super High Me' in the student center late Tuesday night.

The movie was shown twice on November 29 and 30 from 8:30 p.m. till 10 p.m. in the student center.  The crowd was very small.  Rebecca said four to five people, excluding herself and other members, came the first night and tonight when I went there was three others including myself and the member of NORML which brought it to seven total.  The event wasn’t promoted across campus which is why the small crowd.  The only thing I saw was a facebook group promoting the event.

There probably won’t be another event until next semester but  I will definitely be at the next one.  I’ve even given thought to an event of my own that I will talk to NORML and Chris Dukes about.  I think CCSU should have a mock vote of its own Prop19 and see what the students think of legalizing marijuana on the state level and see what students think.

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