Synthetic marijuana is growing at Central

I first saw K2 and K3 at Central in the beginning of September and then began to see it in Danbury a couple of weeks later.

New types of synthetic incense (weed) that has come to the BP gas station at Central

It is becoming very popular I’ve noticed around Central with students using it in hookahs and especially the BP gas station next to campus where it’s starting to promote it strongly.  They have four times as many products now with posters flyers promoting it.

Just at the register looks like it’s becoming a smoke shop with all of these different types of K2, K3, K4, spike intense, Black magic smoke, electric, and something called a starry night gold.  All of those were new to the shop within the last month besides K2-K4.

This sign of the prices and types of "incenses" you can choose from right in front of your face so you can't miss it

When I talked to BP clerk he tells me that some of these are actually from Amsterdam and is some of the stuff that is sold in shops overseas.  Of course it still isn’t marijuana because of no THC content which makes it legal.

The price of these things are getting ridiculous too.  In September just K3 was ten dollars a gram and now this new stuff ‘electric’ costs $26.99 a gram.  The Bp clerk said “it had him feeling good before work,” which i thought was hilarious but still 26 dollars?  That’s really not worth it.

What else is interesting they have bowls for sale ranging from ten dollars to 35 dollars.  On the glass window they sit in says, “for tobacco use only.” People don’t use those for tobacco.  They will use it for any of the synthetic incense or actual weed, definitely not tobacco.  Just all those thing in a gas station is crazy to me when there is a smoke shop down the road from central, especially since I’m not a fan of the synthetic stuff because of all the chemicals that are in them.

You can see all the new types they got in and the bowls they sell. In middle shelf are the real expensive ones.

It also shows the authorities that more of this is growing on campus that they should start to take a harder look at what it’s starting.  When I  interviewed Sergeant Erwin last week he even told me that they are trying to get a program together to teach students on the synthetic incense and the harms of it.

The laws on marijuana in CT are some of the strictest and I believe CT needs to move in the direction of decriminalization because non violent people like me who don’t have a record don’t need jail time for enjoying a plant. Less laws on marijuana and more laws on K2-K4  I say!

They even have this hanging above the cash register. When you come here to buy anything, yu look to the right, in front of you, or above you, you will see some kind of synthetic incense or flyer promoting it.

I don’t like this stuff at Central gas stations just because it can hurt you and some people around the U.S. have died from it.  There are no deaths from marijuana so I would recommend weed over this synthetic chemical mess.

NORML could even use this as a positive for marijuana reform.  Show that this stuff is actually hurting more people then weed has this year.  I don’t even think there is a known death or hospitalization from marijuana.

The stuff seems to be very popular here according to the BP clerk.  He tells me they sell out of some types every week and are always getting new stuff, new types, new flavors, and a whole ton of cigar dutches which people use to roll it up with.

I wonder by the end of the semester if there will be more promotion or new types arriving?  I wouldn’t doubt it.  This stuff is all over my home town too, so I’m sure it will continue to grow not only at Central but all over CT.  Unless this could be banned like four lokos which are starting to be banned to.

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