CCSU Police Sergeant Jerry Erwin and his take on prop19 and marijuana

Earlier today I was able to get time to talk to one of Central’s beloved officers, Sergeant Erwin.

I wasn’t going to expect much of an opinion from an officer about the subject but he did give me some fair answers on what he thinks.  But it will be nice to get a view from a campus officer on what he knows and sees from his point of view.

I first asked him what his take on prop19 was and how he felt about it failing out in California.  Erwin said, “For law enforcement we’re under the letter of the law, and if it’s illegal, it’s illegal.”  So he does abide by the law and can’t say go smoke all the weed it’s not bad for you cause that’s not his job or why he took his oath.  “We just want whats safe for the students, that’s our job,” he added.

We then moved on to K2 and K3 other synthetic “marijuana” that has been sweeping the nation and Central’s campus just as fast as four lokos have.

“We are trying to do an informational program on K2 and K3 and we’re talking to the state now but they’re scared it will teach kids of how to smoke it rather than provide information on it,” Erwin said.   I find that to be complete BS to think the state thinks any program held by police officers would teach kids how to smoke the synthetic weed. It really opened my eyes to see how scared our government is or even Connecticut on drugs and how they won’t push for programs as such.

Anything different that come into our society people, especially people in politics or attached to the state, think everything is going to change and that’s a god damn shame.

Another reason officer Erwin abides by his oath is that, “Today’s society isn’t about kids just doing one drug or having one drink.  They’re always looking for that new high or a quicker high.”  When he went on to say he’s seen students on campus before smoking marijuana but adding other things into such as LSD or any other counterpart.  Which he believes marijuana can be a gateway drug but he also said the same about alcohol, with the whole four loko fascination sweeping the country.

He also mentioned students just having the, “Thrill at trying to get away with something,” which I find true.  When I first tried smoking it was for the illegal aspect of it  and getting away with it and it let me do something that’s against society and most of the kids now days really do try to go against what society believes as a “social norm.”  A story he told me was when he caught a couple of students breaking into a dorm to steal some things and he asked the kid why he did this, and simply said I wanted to try it.  Which must sound dumb to all people but people do stupid things and try stupid things just for the heck of it.

Jerry Erwin has been a police officer on Central’s campus for 12 years now and I’m in my junior year now.  I asked him if marijuana charges or possession have changed since I have been here or since he has been here over the past 12 years.  “Over the 12 years of being on campus I’d say its been pretty consistent with marijuana charges,” he said.

Marijuana is considered a Level 1 drug which is the most dangerous out of all the levels which the least dangerous is level 5, according to the Controlled Substances Act.  There is a big controversy over it being labeled as a “level 1” and as of now there is talk of removing it from the level 1 and moving it to a lower level because there is no known case of an overdose of THC.  Seriously though how is methamphetamine and cocaine a lower level than marijuana and marijuana is right next to heroin in level 1?  Really?  I’m sorry but that’s just outrageous.  Officer Erwin believes that, “There is indeed a need of revaluation of drugs and what they are capable of.”

Overall the experience of talking about this subject to an officer so openly ready to talk about it was a good change of pace and relaxing for me.  I was able to talk to him freely about whatever without him raising his voice or judging.  He said he’s really here for the kids and keeping them safe and if cracking down on marijuana or even alcohol he’ll do it.

He finished with, “I am Jerry Erwin, I’m fair and respectful…when I put  this uniform on I’m the same person.”  This is something I can respect from a police officer and something you don’t hear much.

Him and Vance RA’s are putting on a drug an alcohol program on tonight and he invited me to come and watch and gather more information on the matter at hand on:  marijuana.  I will post about the program and what I saw and learned from there later on tonight.

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