California voters reject prop19

Last Tuesday, November 2, California voters voted on prop19 which would legalize marijuana in California under state law.  unfortunately it didn’t pass and for it to be voted on again it has to wait till the elections in 2012.

I am in favor of legalizing it under state law to relinquish the problems of arresting harmless citizens who mind their own business of smoking.  The money can go to way better things and maybe even drug and alcohol prevention.

An article released on November 5 by, POLITICO 44: A living diary of the Obama presidency, showed what Gil Kerlikowske, President Obama’s Drug Czar and who is the director of the Office of National Drug Policy, said he is quite happy that prop19 in California shows that Americans can not be manipulated by the “spin” from advocates of legalizing marijuana.

“I think I was very proud of the fact that the voters of California saw through the rhetoric, all the false promises that had been talked about,” said Kerlikowske to POLITICO.

The Obama administration doesn’t plan on dropping the consideration of legalizing marijuana in answer to the results in California, according to Kerlikowske.

The war on drugs is seemingly failing and the route to legalization of at least marijuana could also be an answer to help stop trafficking in the U.S.  “There’s no need to say, ‘The drug war has failed; therefore, we have to go to legalization,” he said to POLITICO.

The final results of prop19 were somewhat close but disappointing because surveys in the beginning of the year had prop19 in favor of passing.  The final results are posted in the graph below where it was in favor of NO 56% to a 44% YES, according to election ballotpedia.

For something of this caliber and being in California the voter turnout was roughly around 8 million people, which is good, but also shows that many more people need to go out and vote.  Most of them probably being young voters as we have seen this year in CT has also been a problem.

Proposition 19 (marijuana legalization
Results Votes Percentage
No(X) 4,339,838 54.00%
Yes 3,698,522 46.00%
  1. #1 by Samantha Castaneda on November 11, 2010 - 4:15 am

    I really could not care if marijuana gets legalized. However, you stated ” I am in favor of legalizing it under state law to relinquish the problems of arresting harmless citizens who mind their own business of smoking”, wouldn’t it have to have consequences when disorderly conduct comes into play; just as there wouldbe for alcohol. Also, marijuana can be grown. therefore it facilitates the access to underage kids.I know 16 year olds are already smoking marijuana; on the other hand, I do not believe a 13 yr old show come in contact with it. How do you think it should be control? I believe that before it becomes leagalized there should be a way to control the production of it.

    • #2 by nickrosa4 on November 11, 2010 - 4:30 am

      Okay well marijuana under prop19 would let persons over the age of 21, just like alcohol, to smoke freely without getting charged for a criminal infraction. Any underage smokers would still get in trouble for it just like they do now with alcohol if you are caught underage. You can posses up to an ounce for yourself and grow up to four plants on your own and anymore of that if caught you can get in trouble. So the government would be able to still control how much and who uses it, age wise. I think the state controlling it would be better over federal government because federal would have complete control over it while state has these smaller laws that decriminalize it to the extent where you can still get in trouble if you do not follow the rules. I agree i don’t think people should start smoking when they’re 16, 19, or like you said 13. That’s why the state of California would regulate it like alcohol for persons over 21. Since it can be controlled by being taxed as well it can be worked out just like people control alcohol. I know there is still some worries if it could work and people are afraid of change, we have to see in two years when the vote is up again. I hope this answered your question and i will give you this link ( which will explain more on what prop 19 is and what it would do regualtion wise to help control it. tell me if i missed something.

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