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Wiz Khalifa on Propositon 19


With six days left till November 2 and the vote for Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana in California, musicians like rapper Wiz Khalifa believe this is important to California.  Even with his habits for smoking weed his opinion might not mean much to people but it does mean something.  He talks about how important it is to go vote especially how it’s important in young voters.  In the video Wiz says, when asked if voting is important, “no matter what it’s for, if it’s something you believe in go out there and support it.”  I like what he said and it’s something I think most people my age would like to hear from older adults as well.  Just something I found enjoyable and something for you guys to see.

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NORML audio slideshow

This audio slide show is basically touching up on what NORML is and what Proposition 19 is about. It’s positives and negatives and how this could be a good thing for the state of California. With proposition 19 being voted on exactly a week from today, November 2, this is something to help people understand what people will get out of this bill. Expect much more posts after November 2 after the voting of the bill.

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Facebook Founders Donate to Proposition 19

Earlier this month Facebook co-founders Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz donated money to help support the proposition 19 cause, which is going to be voted on in California on November 2.

Sean Parker, who is a Facebook co-founder and the founder of Napster, donated $100,000 and Dustin Moskovitz originally donated $50,000 but then just donated another $20,000 to Proposition 19 effort.

Moskovitz is also one America’s youngest billionaires worth an estimated 1.4 billion, which the majority of that from his 6 percent share ownership of Facebook.  He left Facebook in 2008 and started Asana, a software company that allows individuals and small companies to work together more effectively.  He first donated $50,000 and then another donation of $20,000 for a total of $70,000 towards Proposition 19.

Even with Parkers and Moskovitzs support for Proposition 19 Facebook has banned any marijuana ads that have an image of a pot leaf on it.  It’s funny to see its founders supporting it but the actual website is blocking ads against marijuana.  A spokesperson for Facebook, Andrew Noyes said the company would not comment on what an employee of Facebook, past or present, does with his or her own checkbook.

Even with seeing the movie, Social Network, in one scene when Facebook moved out to California to expand they had a party in their house where there was a six-foot bong in the room.  It’s just odd to add that into the movie as them smoking pot but not allowing the use of ads of it on Facebook.  I can see where Facebook is coming from and not looking for a bad image on supporting “drugs.”

It is good to see people helping the cause of Proposition 19, especially people who have money and who are apart of big company like Facebook.  It’s rare to see that and its unique for people like that to put their voice out there for something they believe in.

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My first NORML meeting at CCSU

I was able to make it too my first NORML meeting at CCSU.  The meetings are held in the clock tower room in the CCSU student center in the Devil’s Den next to the blue and white room every Thursday 12:30 – 1:30.

The meeting had eight people there including myself.  The executive board consists of a President: Ross Martowski, who wasn’t there this meeting for personal reasons, Vice President Larry Vitko, Treasurer Rebecca Flugrad, and Secretary Laura Jakubczyk.  With the NORML Advisor being Scott Hazin.


Members of CCSU NORML brainstorming ideas for upcoming events


The point of this meeting was to start brainstorming ideas for this years NORML event on campus.  The two main ideas that were talked about for the next month were a movie night with some extra activities thrown in.  It would be held in the Devil’s Den and the movie would most likely be Pineapple Express and/or Super High Me. But for them to be able to show either of those movies they would have to get the rights to show them at the school, which is usually the hardest thing to do, according to VP Larry Vitko.

The movie night would also consist of other activities like trivia question game which will help people brush up on their marijuana education and to win some cool prizes.  There would be food and drinks as well along with a sale of hemp based products if you’re really into hemp.  They didn’t really expand on what exactly they would sell but I’m sure it would be stuff like hookah tobacco, bowls etc.

The other idea was to have a Halloween hookah night out in the student circle on October 26 around 7 p.m.  There will be candy, hookahs, and a fun atmosphere for people to come out and have a good time.  This is to help people get informed with NORML and hopefully join the cause for what it stands for.  People good bring friends and their own hookahs if the liked but there will be some hookahs provided for people.

That’s really all the meeting talked about.  I was a little disappointed on how small it was and wish there were more people but the group said usually later in the year after some events more people tend to show up.  Since Preposition 19 is less than a month away I hope to see more people become aware of what NORML is here for.

I plan on going to plenty more of these meetings and to attend the events that they hold.  I really believe in what NORML stands for and their fight for marijuana reformation.  I will try and recruit for them when I can so I can see a better turn out at the meetings and get CCSU aware of the cause.


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K2 and K3 comes to CCSU

Earlier this week I went the BP gas station ( 1707 Stanley St, New Britain, CT 06053) across from the Welte parking lot at Central Connecticut State University.  I went in to pay for some gas and right underneath the glass counter I saw the small lettering of K2 and K3.  At first i did a double take to actually make sure I saw what I saw.  Then the shop owner who I talked to said took it out for me too look at and it was exactly what I saw.

K2 which is being sold right across the street from CCSU campus

K2 and K3 just an herbal incense blend of herbs, and spices and it smells like such.  The smell isn’t strong at all and looks like oregano and some spice you would sprinkle on pizza.  But it also has chemicals in it which has synthetically copied the actual THC content in marijuana.  So it is completely legal in all senses since there is no real THC content in it.

At the gas station it’s only ten dollars for a gram which is relatively cheap for something like this.  It’s very weird to even see this in Connecticut since it has been banned in other countries and a few states in the U.S.  Since it is not natural THC and has chemicals in it to replicate THC it would be something people can worry about.  There have been many incidents so around the country where teens have been hospitalized because of  K2 and the dangers of it are making people wary about it coming around.   I am originally from Danbury and the smoke shops in Danbury are still hesitant in getting this in their store since they don’t know how local authorities will react if they sold it.

It also has many different flavors, like in the photo above, such as:  pink, ultra, raspberry, vanilla, and may more.  This is also why it is so attractive to it’s consumers since it has so many flavors and in which some smell very good.  But is it just more chemicals being added in to it to make it smell like that or is it a naturally smelling blend?  I am interested to see where this will go further into the semester and I will have to investigate on this topic more to give myself and you more information.

To see New Britain here with K2 and K3 is very new to me and first I’ve seen in CT.  Especially right next to a college campus, where NORML is the only chapter in CT.  Does this have something to do with that or is it just a coincidence that K2 has made its way to New Britain next to CCSU.

The owner of the BP who works there said, “I sold out within the first two days I had this,” the day I first saw it there.  So it has obviously caught the eye of students around campus  after only a few weeks of being sold there.

So will students turn to this as a new “high” instead of risking smoking actual marijuana and getting in trouble?  This is a story I will follow-up on in the near future and compare results with students around the CCSU campus.  I will also talk to police officers and the NORML Chapter to see how all their views are similar and different.

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