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Just for some small information about NORML on the CCSU campus.  As proposition 19 is right around the corner I’m sure our NORML will be having some events and discussions on the subject.  Even now Norml at CCSU is a chapter and the only chapter in Connecticut.  When I  found that out I was even surprised myself.  They meet every Thursday at 12:30 in the Blue and White Room in the student center.  You know you will see me there and I suggest others go and check it out as well.  They also have their own website and Facebook for you to get some more information.

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Proposition 19: The Foundation of Reforming Marijuana

This blog will be meant to show the readers what is going on in our country in reforming laws for the use of marijuana.  Also for me being a student on a college campus and being able to get points of view from the students, faculty, police officers, and from NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) which is actually an actual chapter at CCSU now.

When i mean “foundation” of reforming marijuana I mean that proposition 19 will be the huge start of something to come.  For those who do not know what proposition 19 is, let me explain.  Proposition 19, also know as “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010,” is on November 2, 2010 in an California State wide ballot.  According to the ballot, if approved by the voters, it will legalize various marijuana activities, allow local governments to regulate these activities, permit local governments, but not the state government, to impose and collect marijuana related fees and taxes, and authorize various criminal and civil penalties. It will legalize marijuana under California Law not federal.

The effects of the legalization would be allowing persons of 21 and over to posses an ounce, or 28 grams, for personal consumption, to use marijuana in a non-public place such as a residence or in a public place licensed for on site marijuana consumption, and may grow marijuana in a private residence in a space up to 25 square feet for personal use.

Proposition 19 was last voted on in 1972 in California and the voters rejected it in a vote in favor of no 66-33%.  But within the past year, according to surveys, voters are now in favor of legalizing marijuana with a 52% majority.

Two websites that I highly recommend that show some of the polls from proposition 19 and that explain the Act in more detail with arguments for and against it are ballotpedia and yeson19.  Yeson19 is a great website for information on the Act and can help educate those who do not know a whole lot in the topic or are just ignorant to this subject.

If Proposition 19 were to be passed this can start the foundation or movement that can help push other states into legalization of marijuana.  If one state were to go “Green” then there would be more to follow.

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